Hydra Castle Labyrinth


Enter the castle and kill the hydras


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Hydra Castle Labyrinth is a platform game with some old school action. It's also reminiscent of games of the 16 bit era.

The game starts with your character already inside the castle, without any type of introduction or tutorial. Instead, you simply start playing, and decide which direction to go, left or right.

In the beginning your character doesn't have any special item, only the sword. As you advance you find new items that help you on your mission. You'll really need them, since some levels in Hydra Castle Labyrinth are particularly hard.

Besides normal enemies that you find throughout the game, which are killed with one hit, in Hydra Castle Labyrinth you also find a boss here and there. Following the old school tradition, they represent a real challenge sometimes.

Hydra Castle Labyrinth is a pretty fun platform game. What it lacks in storyline it has in nice characters, and it features a gameplay that despite the years, still works very well.